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Technology and Innovations

We compete with many other municipal web development organizations from across the country for the projects that we win. In fact, we compete with as many as 25 other firms from across the Africa to win a single project. Typically, when we make the final bid round, we find ourselves up against the same three or four national municipal web companies time after time. We welcome the competition, and we are selected over these other companies for many reasons. In the end, we think that you will find that we offer a better website platform, a more open design framework, and a much better value.


Our website platform is much more than a CMS
All major website vendors offer a Content Management System (CMS) that makes editing your website easy. Ours goes further for you by providing you with drag and drop image and file upload, and many other easy to use features. The real star of the show is the applications that give your website the functionality you desire, without raising your hosting or development costs. All of our applications are included free with our hosting, and they are all easy for your staff to use. You don't need to chose between “Silver" and a "Gold" package like you will with other venders. ALL of our customers get ALL of our applications. This makes our hosting plan the best value in the market.

We include more applications for your project 
Lots of  project we build includes the following application suites at no extra cost;

    • Separate Secure Staff Portal Website (Intranet) is included free.
    • Meeting calendar system with dedicated search and file areas for agendas, minutes, packets, audio, and video files.
    • Form System
      • Form to email, form to PDF, form to database, excel exporter - all built-in!
    • 311 Request Tracking Systems.
    • GIS mapping system that may integrate with ESRI.
      • Facility Mapping.
      • Economic Development Mapping.
    • Online Bid and RFP Management System.
    • Portal for Citizens and Vendors.
    • Mass email system.
    • Emergency alert system.

We offer better website hosting that is more secure, flexible, and reliable - all at a lower cost

    • 100% uptime guaranteed - We utilize world-class hosting and DNS service with a zero downtime guarantee and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to credit you in case of any downtime.
    • Attack resistant - Our hosting is more reliable because it does not utilize static IPs for your website. Our competitors do not offer this, and that is why their servers have been brought down by DDOS attacks recently.
    • Security everywhere - all domains (and sub-domains too) that we host are secured for you with SSL security certificates at no charge.
    • Faster pages and document downloads - We utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for caching all of your static website files. This greatly speeds up your website, is included free, and protects your website against attacks.
    • No storage limits - We have designed an auto-scaling storage system so that you no longer need to worry about storage limits with your website (this depends on the agreement and payment plan requested by the client).
    • Better uptime with redundancy everywhere - our web servers utilize an auto-scaling infrastructure that adds new servers in minutes as demand increases. The entire environment is cloned with a hot backup that is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Complete design code access and freedom

    • Please note - you do not need to know any programming or HTML code to use our CMS.
    • We are the ONLY vendor that provides you complete design code access, right in the CMS admin. This is much better than paying your web company their hourly rate to change a logo, font, color value, image, button, background image, or make a new layout for a department page.
    • Design versioning is built-in - All design code templates are versioned, so if you make a mistake you can roll-back your changes.
    • Drag and drop applications without programming knowledge - we are the only company that enables you to drag and drop applications into your pages on your own.
    • Free support and each of your departments can have their own custom design layout.

We offer  hosting plans

    • One year fee for ALL applications.
    • No "maintenance fees" or other surprise fees.
    • No per-user fees.
    • Multi-year pricing plans are available - just ask us.

Better planning and training meetings

    • Separate kickoff and project management meetings with your departments are included (if necessary).
    • Separate training meetings for each department included (if necessary).
    • On-site training and kickoff meetings available for an additional fee.

3 years experience – We have been in business since 2016 building professional websites.