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With the recent limitation caused by Covid-19, a lot of businesses are turning toward the web to stay alive. Having your business online is not only a second revenue stream but it is also a security and a great way to reach a lot more people. At Gro-pro Global Company, we offer a unique platform to promote your local products in your community. we believe that e-commerce is the fastest and easiest way to reach your clients, even in extreme situations like we are experiencing right now with the Covid-19. Here is a short list of reasons you should consider creating an online platform with Gro-pro Global Company.

No Geographical Restraints

If you have an actual physical store, your geographical location is limiting the amount of people you can reach. With a website/webstore you target your community and surrounding communities without having the expenses and the management needs of a physical location. You define your own community, either it is city based, country based or even globally. Extreme situations like the Covid-19 quarantine have taught us something, the web has made the world a little smaller and brought us all closer, even from home.

Gain New Customers

Online retail not only brings the same advantages that you would get from physical retail (Branding and Relationships), it also brings a lot of potential clients from search engine traffic. Gro-pro Global Company works with diverse partners including SEO experts that can help you bring your business to the next level. With the ability to accept more payment types, such as credit card and visa debit, without the costly expense of setting up a payment gateway, you can attract customers from all over.


1. Marketing and Advertising

SEO, PPC, SMM can be more efficient and cost a lot less than traditional marketing and advertising.

2. Employees:

Automatic checkout payment and billing does not require any employees. Inventory management and operation need less employees and reduce the human error factor. Less employees = less money out of your pocket.

3. Rental Cost:

This one is pretty easy to understand, if you do not have a physical location you do not need to pay rent. If you do have a physical location, you now have a second stream of revenue without additional rent or construction costs.

4. Promotion:

Advertising cost made easier, cheaper and faster

Lower The Costs of Operations

One of the main advantages of e-commerce is also the most tangible one, lower cost! These lower cost could be a great opportunity for you to create promotions and discounted prices to attract new customers and keep loyal customers. The main question you might have for Gro-pro Global Company is how will you be able to keep you price lower.

Get Rid Of Travel Time and Cost

It is pretty usual for customers to travel to reach specific products. What if you could offer your products without the cost and hassle traveling for your clients. It’s one of the main advantages of e-commerce on your webstore/business website. Once you contact us and we agrees on the project, our development team will commence work.

Open 24/7/365

Your store is probably not open all the time but your website will allow you to reach clients at all hours of the day and even if you are closed for exceptional situations. For the customers, it allows them to browse your products any time and for your, it allows you to sell products even in your sleep. It brings convenience for both customers and businesses and increase sales possibility.



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