CAC Company Registration

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Gro-pro Global Company is committed in offering all business owners stress free CAC (corporate affairs Commission) company registration services, Annual return,  name conversion  and other CAC processes.

Our support doesn’t stop when your new company is registered. Gro-pro Global Company is here to provide unlimited help and guidance for the lifetime of your company. In addition to the invaluable information available from our Blog, our team of dedicated experts is here Monday to Friday to answer any of your questions, either online, via email or by telephone. You can even change your company name, add new directors, and submit confirmation statements to the Corporate Affairs Commission.

In addition to providing online company formation, usually within 3 to 6 working days (however, this timescale is subject to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) workload and it may take longer).

Authorised by the Corporate Affairs Commission

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the government body authorized to approve all company registrations in the Nigerian. Gro-pro global Company is proud to operate as a CAC agent, abiding by strict processing guidelines to provide unrivalled company formation services to each and every one of our valued customers.

Free pre-submission review
It’s all too easy to overlook a little typo or forget to check a certain box when filling out an unfamiliar form, which is why Company Registration provides a free pre-submission review of all new company formation applications. Once you have completed your online application form, one of our well trained formation agents will conduct a thorough review, before submitting it to the Corporate Affairs Commission. This helps to avoid delays and costly amendments later

Procedure for new incorporation

1.   CAC01 Reservation of Name:   Same day for all requests submitted before3:00pm (cost N1000)

2. CAC 1:1 Application for registration of company:
FIRS Stamp Duty
Directors Verification
Document Upload and
Registration Approval 4 days
(however, this timescale is subject to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) workload and it may take longer)

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