Access Control

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We specialise in providing practical and affordable solutions to meet your security requirements.

Having worked for many notable and trusted names in the building industry we are confident in the service we can provide and will ensure your required access control security solutions are the most suitable – practical and cost effective.

We are experience in the fields of facility security, consulting, and instructing. Gro-pro was set up to meet the demands for professional security knowledge and capabilities for the industrial, private and government sectors.
We have established our reputation at the forefront of security solution in Nigeria, utilizing a wide range of the most advanced security systems, teams of high-standard professional skills. We offer a world class access control solution for medium and large organizations.


Access control can be broken down into three core elements. Essentially, these distinct elements define how the access control systems work.

Identification: The main aim of an access control system is to protect your building from unauthorized access, and control the movement of people within. For this reason, we design the system to determine the identity of any individual entering the building, or accessing any of the secure areas within the building.

Authentication: After the system has identified an individual, it is imperative that his/her identity is authenticated to ensure that only the right persons are granted access. we achieve authentication using a variety of methods including passwords, encryption keys, smartcards, and fingerprints

With successful authentication, building access control systems are able to grant individuals, access to the building or other restricted areas, based on the set criteria.



Face recognition is as fast as it is accurate, instantly validating identity in order to protect access to sensitive areas.


Guarantee that only authorized individuals gain access to secure locations, while requiring far less personal information than other forms of identification.


Provide an additional layer of security beyond keys, fobs and cards.

Quickly and securely verify attendees at any event or location without expanded queues.


Face recognition streamlines entry to conferences and events, reducing queue times and making it easier to provide customer service.


Face visual identification system is crowd-proof, making it easy to identify and admit many people efficiently and at the same time.